Eco Initiatives – rewilding natural spaces

Published 26th June 2024

We are particularly proud of our Eco initiative at our founders (non-working) farm in nearby Clayton.

This is set in many acres of land in a valley where deer, foxes, a multitude of birds, amphibians and insects are seen.  In Spring the bluebells are glorious.  Katharine and Jonathan Barnett are allowing around 7 acres of land to rewild.

This means there is very little intervention so species can settle and live undisturbed.  There is a large pond and a slow flowing tributary along with a stream running through the bottom of one of the fields.  A Fawn has already been spotted hiding in the long grass waiting for its mother; plus a great many Sika deer, Red Kites and Foxes that are currently keeping a close eye on their playful cubs (the rabbits are keeping a close eye on the foxes too!).

In addition, this initiative is helping Fuel Storage Solutions to offset some of the impact of the vehicles we use, the carbon footprint from the items we buy, along with the digital footprint we leave.

By creating wild areas where plants and animals alike can grow without interruption, we can do a small bit to help the environment to flourish. We’ll be looking at the effects of our rewilding initiative as time goes by but early signs are that new ‘residents’ are moving in to stay and we hope to attract more species too.