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Deal with Emergencies Rapidly and Effectively – With FSS Spill Kits

Be prepared when emergencies strike – limit the environmental damage caused by any oil spill and react quickly with our kits – forming an effective line of first defence.

  • Rapidly respond to any type of spill with the appropriate materials
  • Spill kits can be provided as stand alone products or part of a spill plan
  • Training is available to ensure all personnel deploy kits properly
  • Standardised products designed by experienced spill experts

In theory, fuel should stay within a closed system. Spills never happen in a perfect world. However, breakages and human errors sometimes mean that spills can occur – and without the right protection the results could be disastrous for your company and the environment.

Our Fuel Spill Kit range

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  • tickMake sure your business is ready to contend with an emergency

Over our years of operation FSS has developed a full range of spill kits that are designed to contend with all kinds of emergencies. These include the following:

Personal protective equipment
such as goggles, gloves and boots, which are an essential part of any kit, needed regardless of the size of the spill.

Clay drain covers
preventing oil from reaching the water table is a crucial concern should a spill occur. Our individually packaged drain covers can be quickly and easily placed directly over the drain at risk – providing a barrier that lasts up to 24 hours. For larger drains, covers can be moulded together.

Absorbent socks
can be used around the perimeter of the spill to prevent spread. Use multiple socks to form a make-shift bund or dam that quicks contains the fuel before proceeding to the clean up stage. Each of the socks will continue to function as a dam even when totally saturated.

Disposal bags and ties
once the spill has been cleared, use these clearly marked bags and ties to safely package all the absorbent materials used to clear the spill, ready for further processing from your approved waste contractor. Standalone bins are provided to collect all materials, which can be sealed once full.

these larger absorbent devices provide an easy to use and versatile spill solution perfect for confined areas. They can be used to catch oil from a leaking pipe, as an early capture device or even as temporary drain covers.

Absorbent pads
these can be used to soak up the oil once the spill has been contained. Each pad can hold up to a litre of fluid when fully saturated.

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A Wider Service

FSS works with your business to establish a plan in line with health and safety requirements should a spill occur. Once this has been developed, we would recommend that you work with us to train your staff and source the equipment needed to carry out the emergency spill response.

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With FSS spill kits you can provide the best response – should the worst happen…