Fuel Filtering & Polishing

Preserve Your Fuel – and the Smooth Running of Your Generators, Machines and Vehicles with Polishing and Filtering

Dirty fuel can mean the build-up of carbon deposits inside your injectors and other fuel delivery systems – maintain generator and engine efficiency with our polishing systems

  • All fuel is tested at an independent laboratory (Finning) to ensure no conflict of interest
  • On site fuel cleaning is available to minimise disruption to your business
  • Include fuel filtering as part of your FSS maintenance agreement
  • Remove all particles greater than 1µm with our proprietary system

Many problems can lead to sludge build up. Sites often simply top up tanks – especially at data centres, allowing old fuel to reside at the bottom of the tank developing contamination. Couple this with increased generator efficiency, featuring systems that cannot run on anything but the highest grade fuels and poor quality fuel could become a major issue.

FSS has developed and manufactures the most effective fuel polishing units available in the UK today. Since 2007 we have focused our expertise on creating rigs that provide both a high flow level to disturb sediment at the bottom of tanks and fine filtration systems to capture even the finest particles.

The result is clean, useable fuel free from dirt and debris that you can rely on – when your power systems simply can’t fail.

Fuel Filtering and polishing unit
Fuel Filtering and polishing

Dedicated FSS Polishing System

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  • tickRobust & reliable pipework
  • tickUnparalleled testing & security
  • tickFiltration & flow systems
  • tickFull training options

FSS offers 4 standard sized polishing systems, capable of processing up to 30,000 lts. With upgradable BMS connectivity these tanks are able to offer real-time fuel quality reports as well as full leak and water detection – giving you the most secure unit available on the market today.

Some of the features available on these systems include:

Robust, reliable pipework – standard stainless steel pipework comes with a 10 year warranty. Or for complete security choose our APIApipe™ bunded pipe solutions – ensuring your pipes have redundancy in situations where power must be guaranteed.

Unparalleled testing and security – using our BMS connectivity that both allows real time ISO fuel quality testing and also monitors for breaches, water and blockages within the system, preventing damage and fuel loss.

High grade filtration and flow systems – filter options range from 50 micron to 1 micron for different applications and high volume flow systems will disturb, dislodge and remove any sludge, water or sediment in tanks.

Full training and handover packages – liaise with our expert team and receive detailed instructions on every aspect of your fuel filtration system – including fuel CAD drawings and OEM manuals.

  • FSS supplies polishing systems to data centres for high street banks, the MOD, the NHS and the Environment Agency – where fuel failure is not an option.

Other FSS Fuel Polishing Solutions

  • tickFilter housings capable of processing either 70 ltm or 120 ltm
  • tickScreen your fuel for infections

Mobile fuel polishing – our most agile polishing units providing FSS’s proprietary filter housings capable of processing either 70 ltm or 120 ltm. This highly versatile system is perfect for teams that need to clean fuel in remote locations that cannot support a fixed rig, but are dependent on reserve fuel power supplies.

Regular polishing where a permanent system cannot be fitted ensures that the fuel is regularly turned over can save the entire contents of a tank – or prevent a generator failing because of excess sludge.

Biofuel cleaning – it is possible for biofuels to become infected with various strains of bacteria. All modern diesel fuels are composed of between 7% and 15% biofuel in the hydrocarbon mix. FSS has seen fuels decompose with low level bacterial problems in periods as short as under 12 months.

As part of a regular testing schedule biofuels are screened for infections. Any fungal or bacterial infections can be treated with the appropriate biocides by your team or our maintenance crews.

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