Fuel tank supply & installation

Fulfil Your Fuel Supply Requirements with FSS Bespoke Fuel Tank Installations

From spatial constraints to challenging pipework routes. With over 30 years experience of design, build and installation experience ensures your tank will meet your business and regulatory requirements.

  • Fully OFTEC compliant constructions built with safety in mind
  • Engineered and tested to the highest in house standards
  • Larger tanks can be constructed to exact customer requirements
  • Purchase as a single unit or part of a complete fuel storage solution

FSS supplies fully bunded steel and plastic fuel tanks that are compliant with all necessary OFTEC regulations for retail forecourts and the fuel industry. Each of our storage solutions is individually designed, selecting the safest pipework routes whilst employing British manufactured pumps.

Access the knowledge of our dedicated design team, specialising entirely in fuel tank solutions. Thanks to our focus, we understand how to approach any challenges presented by your location, legacy equipment or on site safety standards.

The result is a robust fuel storage solution that not only contends with your requirements, but also meets you environmental responsibilities.

Steel Tanks

  • tickFor fuel storage over 10,000 Litres
  • tickAdditional safety features
  • tickCompany branding options available
  • tickSecurity features available

Does your business require over 10,000 litres storage? In such situations we recommend our steel tanks. Our totally enclosed bunded (TEB) range offers you the following benefits:

Tank within a tank
An external jacket operating as a bund delivers 110% of interior tank’s storage. Any fuel lost due to a breach is safely contained within the unit and separated from the water supply whilst bypassing the complex issues associated with external bunds.

Business branding
Thanks to our bespoke process, your tank can be manufactured in any colour scheme, allowing it to fit in seamlessly with your site’s other architecture.

Secure access cabinet
All of our steel tanks are supplied with a fully sumped access cabinet to manage spills from the fill points, vents and outlets. Protect this with your own locking and alarm devices to prevent unauthorised access to your valuable fuels.

Plastic Tanks


  • tickFor storage of fuel up to 10,000 litres
  • tickFull access points
  • tickSafety alarm systems
  • tickBunded fuel stations

For fuel storage requirements of less than 10,000 litres capacity our plastic tanks offer an integrally bunded solution with the following features:

Full access points
Including a manhole cover and inspection point that ensure that the necessary annual OFTEC inspections can be completed quickly and easily.

Safety alarm systems
Manage your tank contents with electronic monitoring devices that continually measure fuel quality and alarms primed to inform you instantly should any breach occur.

Bunded fuel stations
Our complete turnkey solution provide you with secure storage, full emergency alarms, 10 micron filter and the option for a 12v to 240v pump powering a delivery hose.

Ongoing support

In addition to our supply service we can also check, service and maintain your tanks in line with your own safety standards ensuring that you are fully compliant with the OFTEC regulations. This includes providing contingency solutions in the event of spill emergency and interceptors to protect the local water table.

For more information check our maintenance page.

  • During 2018-2019 we supplied over 220,000 litres of storage to our clients with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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