Waste Oil Removal

Dispose of Old or Contaminated Oil in Accordance with Environmental Regulations

Rely on FSS to safely remove and process your waste oil – whether it’s been deemed irretrievable after a polishing inspection or you’re decommissioning an old site.

  • Waste consignment notes provided for your waste disposal audits
  • Third party tanker and driver used with hazardous waste certification
  • All waste oil disposed at environmentally regulated and approved sites
  • Service supplied as standard when decommissioning or changing tech

Sometimes following a polishing inspection, fuel can be deemed to be too contaminated for use in your vehicles or generators. Waste oil is classified as hazardous waste by OFTEC and must be disposed of in a controlled and careful manner, preventing any damage to the environment and using recycling facilities where possible.

In such cases FSS will remove this waste oil from your site using our own engineering expertise, making sure every last drop is extracted from your old tanks and reservoirs. Using third party hazardous waste vehicles this is then taken to an approved site where any retrievable fuel is recycled back into use and an appropriate waste handling consignment certificate is issued for your records.

As part of a larger decommissioning project or when installing new tanks and pipework, we would use the same process to remove the old oil from site before setting up your new tanks.

To ensure the minimum amount of downtime, FSS works with you to remove waste oil from your site at convenient times in your schedule. Disruption is kept to a minimum to prevent impact to your working schedule or contingency plans.

FSS Collects the Following Fuels:

  • Diesel
  • White Diesel
  • Derv (Road Diesel) Red Diesel – NB sale/ use of red diesel is now restricted
  • Gas Oil
  • Tractor Diesel (Agricultural Diesel)
  • Kerosene
  • Boiler Juice Industrial Heating Oil
  • IHO Generator Fuel, Industrial Fuel
  • Commercial Fuel Biofuel
  • Biodiesel
  • HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil)

Our Responsibility to the Environment

As with all our engineering projects, FSS works within tightly defined environmental regulations and will therefore always seek to dispose of your waste oil in the most environmentally sustainable manner.

All waste oil is filtered. The liquid portion of the waste is sold as rough fuel to power stations, whilst the solid portion is sent directly to landfills.

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