When Efficiency Demands 100% Uptime from Your Pipework Simply – the Answer is FSS’s Innovative and patented APIApipe™

This fully bunded “fit and forget” pipework engineering system is the safest and most robust system currently available on today’s market.

  • German machined stainless steel pipe construction
  • Available with full time leak detection for inner and outer pipes
  • Connect leak detection system to BMS to instantly shut down systems
  • Suitable for all kinds of liquids and gasses – not only fuel supply

A 'Pipe in a Pipe' for ultimate levels of security

In many modern manufacturing environments and power supply systems, fuel supply systems are now critical components that must provide 100% uptime when required. Take for instance a cooling system for a cloud storage server farm where the contents of the data archives are priceless. In such situations the operator cannot afford for their generators to fail in the event of a power shortage. Such an incident could result in a reputational loss that could put the company out of business completely.

When reliability needs to go beyond mere peace of mind, FSS’s unique APIApipe™ system provides the ultimate level of security. Machined as a robust stainless steel pipe that comes with a full bunded and sealed “jacket” along its entire length, this pipe provides the contingency for systems previously thought to be the weakest point in your fuel supply solution.

Featuring full elbow joints and t-joints with no mechanical parts, the outer jacket presents as a slim 54mm diameter pipe with a 28mm inner pipe that is capable of supply fuel where its needed most. As fuel supply specialists we have engineered this elegant solution to have the smallest number of failure points as possible.

  • When Efficiency Demands 100% Uptime from Your Pipework Simply – the Answer is FSS’s Innovative APIApipe™

APIApipe™ Versus Traditional Stainless Steel Compression

  • tickLower cost than traditional pipework
  • tickNo hot works
  • tickStainless steel production

In the past bunded pipe solutions would have to be manufactured on site using expensive and time intensive welding on a piece by piece basis. Some of the clear advantages of FSS’s APIApipe™ solution include:

Lower cost – Typically, APIApipe™ is only40% of the cost of traditional welded steel solution thanks to the pre-machined sections and the simple assembly systems.

No hot works – no vapour or gasses are produced during the installation meaning that your business won’t need to put special measures in place whilst the system is set up – and even the noise created is minimal.

Stainless steel production – corrosion proof pipes that don’t require additional surface protection agents – helping further reduce costs.

Full Reliability and Assurance

FSS is proud to supply our APIApipe™ solution with a full 10 year warranty, which includes on-site fixes from our proficient maintenance teams. Additionally APIApipe™ can be connected to BMS monitoring devices that shut down the system should the unlikely event of a breach ever occur, limiting losses to the current contents of that section of the pipework system.

  • Our largest APIApipe™ installation to date provided a central UK data centre with a fully bunded pipework contingency solution at only 14% of the cost of the traditional alternative.

Expert Advice

When downtime isn’t an option – APIApipe™ is the very best choice.
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