Eco Initiatives – creating local havens for wildlife

Published 20th June 2024

As part of our Eco Initiatives we have several wildlife projects ongoing in the local area:

The first of these started in 2023 when FSS marked 21 years in business. In celebration we purchased 21 indigenous trees such as hawthorn, cherry and apple, which would provide extra food and shelter for the local wildlife.  These were planted in and around Thornton village and, from what we can see, most are growing strongly.

The second project is the graveyard, (yes, we own a graveyard!) which is located next door to our head office.  This is around an acre of land that has sycamore, wildflowers, hawthorn, holly, rhododendron and many other trees in it.  It looks a little dishevelled and we are trying to get things under control but from a wildlife point of view, it is a haven in the middle of a built-up area.  We see a huge number of birds and squirrels (plus the local pussycats) in the area which is wonderful when you’ve had a hard day.

At the end of May we added 3 new insect houses to encourage the smaller residents on the block to settle.  It’s early days but hopefully these will encourage even more species into the area.