Fuel spill response

Formulate a Rapid, Structured Response to Any On-Site Spill Emergency

Ensure the minimum disruption to your fuel supply whilst protecting drainage and fulfilling your environmental responsibilities with FSS spill services

  • 20 years of successfully responding and eliminating site spills
  • Spill services that cover all UK – including outlying islands and NI
  • All services fully compliant with environmental and HSA requirements
  • Overseen by our maritime and coastguard (MCA4p) commander

24 Hour Emergency Fuel Spill Response

  • tickFast response to prevent or minimise the catastrophic environmental pollution of a fuel spill

Establish a rapid response to any emergency spill incident now.

For the times when a spill occurs we can provide our clients with a 24 hour spill response. This gives peace of mind and will prevent or minimise the catastrophic environmental pollution that may occur when a spill is not dealt with quickly.

We will implement the clean up procedure immediately and will provide advice to site on actions to take prior to the arrival of our spill response team. In addition we will liaise directly with The EA / SEPA and the local water authority

Emergency Contact Numbers:
07939 040 380 (Tim Barnett)
07957 140 712 (Jonathan Barnett)

Additional FSS spill services

  • tickService to prepare your team to deal with a fuel spill should the worst happen

Spill Kits
All the necessary materials required to contend and remove on-site fuel spills.

Spill Plans
Co-ordinate a rapid response to all types of potential fuel storage emergencies.

Spill Training
Ensure that all site personnel are properly briefed on all aspects of spill management and resolution.