Environmental Services

Ensure that your fuel storage site meets the required environmental standards

To support your fuel tank installations and the associated pipework, FSS provides both consultancy and protective solutions that meet the necessary DEFRA and environmental agency standards.

  • Full risk assessment including remediation services
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities, ensuring standards are met
  • Preventative measures in line with the groundwater protection code
  • Installation and support of remedial measures to stop contamination

At FSS we take your environmental protection seriously. The implications of storing and using fuel on your site must always be framed within the risk to the environment and the watercourse. To help you meet your legal requirements we can offer you several support services, all of which are overseen by our chartered environmental surveyor (MRICS).

All of our environmental services start with a full risk assessment – covering areas such as remediation schemes, validation programs and bioremediation.

Each assessment is conducted in conjunction with the appropriate regulatory authorities to ensure that any surveys and recommendations are conducted in within the appropriate legal framework.

To both support your environmental risk assessments and our subsequent recommendations we are able to supply you with the following services:


  • Full Site Surveys
  • Risk Assessments
  • Drainage plans and maps


  • Constructed to DEFRA standards
  • Bespoke 4 tank interceptors
  • Greater capacity than max exposure

Fuel Pads

  • Structurally engineered designs
  • Utilise an SRC and fibre concrete mix
  • 24 month guarantee

Tanks and Bunds

  • Bunds for installed tanks
  • APIApipe™ bunded pipework solutions
  • Disposal of waste oil

Protect your site and meet your environmental responsibilities with the support of FSS

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