Fuel spill training

Be Ready for Any Emergency – Spill Training

Get the vital skills needed to meet OFTEC regulations and successfully manage any emergency or hazardous spill situation

  • Meet your regulatory requirements for on site, spill trained staff
  • All courses conducted by our fully MCA4p certified On-scene commander
  • Up to 8 employees can attend the course at any one time
  • Course last for around 4 hours or half a working day

Once your fuel handling team has created a spill plan – either through FSS or a third-party provider – it is essential that all your operational personnel are fully briefed and drilled on its deployment.

FSS delivers training courses for up to 8 individuals, that focuses on the practical implementation of any plan at your site. All constraints and scenarios are explored, establishing the real-world skills required for your personnel to content with every situation.

What is the Standard Course Content?

  • tickWorked demonstrations
  • tickFull scale dummy run of procedures
  • tickPreparing your team fully

We believe that there is no substitute for practical experience. Our courses centre on a worked demonstration of the plan followed by a full-scale dummy run of the procedures.

In addition to the practical aspects of the course, we also cover the following essential information:

Oil and water chemistry
understanding the basic theory behind oil and water interaction and simple fluid dynamics.

Immediate action on discovering a spill
the decisive first steps that can limit the extend of a spill and its exposure to the environment.

Training on items within the spill kit
detailed instructions on the proper method of deploying and disposing of all clean-up equipment.

Establishing a perimeter
constructing an absorbent temporary bund or barrier to physically contain the oil spill.

How to clean up the waste
methods of gathering the oil following a spill, breach or leak for disposal.

Proper disposal of all spill kit items
using the appropriate containment devices to hold contaminated waste for collection by the processing provider.

Necessary contacts and documentation
what actions to take after a spill. Informing the appropriate authorities and writing reports.

Why Use FSS for Your Spill Training Provider...

One of the key advantages to working with the FSS on-scene commander is his experience in spill containment and resolution.

His approach goes beyond simply instructing your personnel on the steps of your spill plan, discussing how to use initiative, observation and fast reaction as a key foundational step in spill management.


At the end of the spill training, we issue your business personnel with am individual one year spill response training certificate – according to the standard set by the IMO (internationally recognised standards, guidelines and best practice)

  • To date FSS has trained over 500 businesses to be ready for any potential spill situation

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