24 hour fuel spill response

Guard Against Environmental Contamination and Site Downtime with our 24-Hour Spill Response

For a rapid, professional expert resolution of any fuel equipment breakdown, leak, breach or spill contact our emergency team now on 01274 813003

  • No contract is required to engage our highly qualified team but there without an Emergency Response Contract there is no guaranteed response time.
  • With our Emergency Response Contract our response team can attend your site within a pre-agreed number of hours.

Need support clearing a spill? Want to avoid an emergency?

For a fast and effective clean-up service call in the experts. FSS’s fuel response team has a wealth of experience, containing and managing all types of breaches, leaks and overflows – ensuring the minimal environmental exposure and damage at your site.

  • Call our emergency response line: 01274 813003
  • We’ll alert our stand by engineer who will contact you.
  • Once we are engaged, attending your site is our primary concern.
  • Business contracts and invoices are only submitted when we have de-escalated your spill situation.
  • For a rapid response, contact our emergency team now on 01274 813003

Our Approach

Emergency Spill Response

  • tickInitial assessment
  • tickWork with your personnel
  • tickSecure all tanks and pipework
  • tickIsolate the water supply
  • tickClean up the spill
  • tickContacting the relevant authorities

Initial assessment
is made over the phone, ensuring we gather all the appropriate equipment and clean up materials necessary to manage, control and eliminate your spill.

Work with your personnel
providing immediate remedial advice to help manage the initial stages of the clean-up process – directing your personnel to reduce the impact of the spill.

Secure all tanks and pipework
on arrival at your site, our first action is to rapidly inspect and secure all affected fuel storage equipment, to locate and lock down leaks and breaches.

Isolate the water supply
next we move onto the water supply, blocking drains and preventing all spilled fuel from leaving the confines of your site.

Clean up the spill
using absorbents to deal with surface oil and cleaning equipment to empty your on-site interceptors and clearing oil from drains before disposing of the waste in the appropriate manner.

Contacting the relevant authorities
helping enact a wider response and completing the appropriate feedback and notifications.

When to call FSS

Normally small spills of less than 100 litres of fuel can be managed by your in house teams for whom we can provide training.

For larger incidents that threaten your local water supply and which have the potential to cause catastrophic damage – our experienced response team will quickly limit the environmental exposure.

  • Over the last 20 years, our 24-hour spill response team has resolved hundreds of incidents. Call our emergency line number now.