Tanks & Bunds

Protect your site’s environment and with bunded solutions for your fuel tank storage

Form a first line of defence against any ruptures, breakages or fractures with bunded solutions that serve to capture and contain any fuel leaks.

  • All our fuel storage tanks are supplied with bunds as standard
  • Bunds are designed to support a 110% volume of the fuel storage tank
  • Use bunded pipework on site with our APIApipe™ solution
  • Full HSE assessment guides the creation of your bunded tanks

No tank is immune from failures and ruptures. If there are no emergency measures in place then such an incident could result in a serious risk to your on-site environment. To prevent such a possibility all FSS tanks are fully supplied with bunds.

Bunds serve to capture, store and isolate any fuel that escapes from a tank due to a rupture, a seal degrading or any other structural issue. These can be supplied with alarms that notify the on-site spill team should any issue occur with the tanks – allowing you to mount a fast, co-ordinated response to the incident.

It is not only our tanks that are supplied with bunds. FSS is the sole UK supplier of the unique APIApipe™ system. Each individual section of pipe is supplied with an outer jacket that can be easily mounted together – offering you the option to create greater resilience throughout your fuel supply system.

FSS Bund Inspection and Maintenance

  • tickRegular inspection & maintenance options
  • tickExpert FSS engineers for all types of bunds

Because bunds are a redundant emergency measure, they are not subject to the same day to day scrutiny as other parts of your fuel storage solution. A bund’s ability to perform is only discovered on the rare occasion that there is a fracture or major leak within a fuel tank. It’s therefore imperative that you conduct a schedule of regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that your bunds are secure and sealed.

FSS engineers have years of working with bunds for all types of tank and fuels. Our teams can quickly assess the structural integrity of your bunds and recommend a plan for rapid remedial action to resolve and issues with the tanks.

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