Oil Spill Plans

Make the Best Preparations for the Worst Situations – Spill Plans

Get your teams emergency ready for an orchestrated response to fuel tank and pipework breaches, failures and spills – minimising environmental damage and liabilities

  • Starts with a fully comprehensive risk assessment of the site
  • Plan focuses primarily on the main points of failure in your system
  • Our on-site commander creates a specific plan of action for your site
  • Maximise your response to any sized fuel spill – quickly and effectively

Spills can happen at any time. The first moment following an incident is the most important. Deploying your personnel correctly is key to limiting the extent of the spill and removing its cause. In these situations having a clear plan is the number one factor in the success of your clean-up operation.

Access the knowledge and real world experience of FSS’s on site commander to construct the necessary spill plan for your business. Using our understanding of potential hazard points and risks to on-site drainage, a suitable response is formulated.

Crucial points within your drainage system are identified and the necessary spill kits are deployed throughout your site to contend with any emergency.

Individuals are tasked with different responsibilities allowing you to mount a rapid response to any situation ranging from the smallest spill to a full on ruptured tank or compromised fuel line.

FSS Spill Plans

  • tickPlans for each fuel type
  • tickThe right kit ready and in place
  • tickBe ready to respond
  • tickTraining for your team
  • tickAppropriate reporting

Our spill plans cover the following key points:

Different spill types
establishing the appropriate response based on the fuels stored at your site and the predicted risk associated with your storage systems.

Kit inventory and checks
regular inspections that verify all the required equipment is present and in suitable working order for any emergency.

Response maps
diagrams and schematics that clearly indicate the kit deployment points throughout your site, together with priority instructions to be executed during the response.

Employee responsibilities and training schedules
lists of the roles of each individual in the various types of spill plan together with the training courses and refresher calendars.

Appropriate reporting
details concerning the agencies that must be informed after a spill such as the local authorities, the water board and the environmental agency.

Take the first step & be prepared

With FSS spill plans you can provide the best response – should the worst happen…
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