Fuel Pads

Construct a robust and stable base for your fuel tanks with FSS Fuel Pads

Ensure the stability of your fuel tanks with bespoke concrete pads built by our expert engineering teams – designed to deliver appropriate support and protect your on-site environment

  • Fibre concrete mix ensures the integral strength of each pad
  • Each pad built in accordance with your site’s topography
  • Built using structural engineering joins and foundations
  • All pads supplied with a 24 month guarantee to ensure integrity

Externally positioned tanks must be supported by concrete pads. These firm, solid structural bases prevent subsidence compounding stress on the tank’s integrity. Ensure that your fuel tanks are properly supported with robust, professionally constructed pads from FSS.

We are able to install pads at your site either as part of a full FSS solution or for third party tanks.

Before installing a pad, we conduct a full survey of the proposed position on your site to check that the ground can offer sufficient support for the pad. Next we construct a full structural engineering plan that includes a full health and safety and environmental risk assessment report.

Each pad is built by our expert engineering team using full foundations and a 400-500mm deep SRC concrete and fibre mix, ensuring its lifespan and strength. Once installed, we guarantee the pad for 24 months, allowing us to resolve any underlying issues with the ground that could develop over time, compromising the structure of the pad.

In addition to the pad, we can provide you with all the appropriate boundary fencing, bollards and gates, helping protect the tank. Additionally tank mounting systems that provide the necessary clearance and drip pans and other environmental protection devices are also available on request.

Find out more from our commercial team – we are available during office hours to answer any questions and discuss how a concrete pad could be potentially installed at your site.

Fuel concrete pads
Fuel Pads

Support your fuel tanks

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