Drainage Surveys & Plans

Prevent Fuel Pollution at Your Site with Drainage Plans from FSS

Fulfil your environmental requirements and protect the groundwater supply from contamination with the expert guidance of the FSS team

  • Comprehensive drainage and watercourse surveys for new installations
  • Full site schematics that display the water discharge from your site
  • Interceptor and spill resolution services to protect the watercourse
  • Removal and disposal of unwanted fuel waste from your site

All businesses are responsible for protecting their local groundwater supply from contamination in line with regulations from OFTEC and other environmental agencies.

Any fuel that escapes your containment systems (such as drip trays) can accumulate on the ground, before being washed by rainwater into the water supply via the onsite groundwater drainage. It is imperative that you have an understanding of your drainage to prevent this from happening.

Drainage Surveys

  • tickFull survey service
  • tickChartered environmental surveyor (MRICS)
  • tickRecommendations for the necessary precautions

Utilise the skills of our chartered environmental surveyor (MRICS) to establish the flow of the watercourse and its associated drainage points on your site.

Understanding drainage is crucial for new sites. To chart and predict the watercourse – including the location of drains and where they discharge into, we provide a full survey service. From our findings, we produce recommendations for the necessary precautions to prevent fuel reaching the water supply.

On Site Audits

To ensure that all your drains are properly secured, on-site audits can be conducting checking all your drainage covers, and inspecting the current remedial measures in place to prevent blockages.

Our audits compromise of the latest in-depth exploratory techniques including drilling, soil sampling, hazardous ground gas and groundwater analysis. Once our investigation work is completed we provide you with a full report consisting of the results, analysis and recommended actions.

Remedial Measures

  • tickProfessional services to help you put our recommendations in place

After we have created the drainage plan, if so required we can deliver the necessary remedial measures to protect the water supply. This includes spill services, bunded tanks, our patented APIApipe™ bunded pipework, leak detection systems, fuel pads and interceptors.

And as with all sites, spill and breakage incidents are sometimes unavoidable. Should you experience a fuel leak, we are also able to provide you with the appropriate containment and transport services to remove waste fuel and oil from your site. All our vehicles and third party carriers have the required hazard certification.

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