Protect the Local Water Supply and Meet Environmental Regulations with our Interceptor Solutions

Prevent surface water from becoming contaminated with oil and fuel at your site with our interceptor solutions – designed to let gravity do the hard work with a quadruple tank system that separates the oil from water.

  • Assessments conducted by FSS specialist interceptor surveyors
  • Designed to deliver greater capacity than the max exposure
  • Interceptors constructed to the required DEFRA standards
  • All solutions built around the individual client sites and needs

Whether your business has a car park of over 800m2 (50 car parking spaces) or you’re operating a petrol station or refuelling depot, you’ll understand the importance of an effective surface break interceptor solution.

Why FSS?

FSS not only provides you with our 4 tank interceptors designed to collect oil and purify surface water. More importantly, we deliver complete turnkey solutions designed to meet your environmental responsibilities, accounting for site topography and potential maximum exposure whilst providing the necessary on-going inspection and maintenance service.

Bespoke Interceptor Solutions

Our service starts with a full site inspection and modelling, conducted by our dedicated specialist surveyor. A series of full CAD drawings of our proposed installation points are produced, using fluid dynamics to predict and control any surface oil spillages. Once the plans are approved, our teams will install and test the interceptor solutions, before providing you with any necessary training and documentation.

Inspection and Waste Oil Removal

Enlist the support of our engineering and maintenance teams to ensure that your interceptors are periodically tested every 6 months in line with the DEFRA requirements. Our detailed inspection process checks the integrity of the separators, manages the accumulated oil and services all the associated electrical equipment.

Waste oil is removed by our third party carriers, all of which have the required hazard classification and fully trained drivers.

More frequent inspections are available for high risk and heavy use sites.

  • FSS supplies over 1500 sites with interceptor surface water protection – with no reported incidents of oil coming into contact with the local water table

Expert Advice

Ensure your site meets all environmental regulations – get a full interceptor solution from FSS.

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