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Service-focused, consistently delivering excellence through our can-do attitude and hands-on approach

Our experts in each department are closely linked. When you speak to any FSS team member, from Compliance and Technical Sales (CATS) to Purchasing, they are up-to-speed with your requirements.

We are big on collaboration. Understanding your needs and translating them into a workable plan is at the heart of what we do. We also aim for flexibility. If your scope changes at any point in your programme, our experts will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. Our skilled team has the knowledge to get the job done right every time.

Compliance and Technical Sales Team Two
Compliance and Technical Sales Team One

Compliance and Technical Sales (CATS)

Rather than waiting for costly issues to arise, plan Preventative Maintenance into your fuel storage budget. This gives you greater control over your annual fuel storage solution spend – and, let’s face it, no one wants to be surprised with costly remedial actions when systems fail. Arranging ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance’ (PPM) is easy with our experienced Compliance and Technical Sales (CATS) colleagues, who are on hand and ready to advise on the best course of action.

Our CATS team has a full understanding of the Oil Storage Regulations and can advise on all pollution control measures for your site.

FSS understands Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) systems (which includes UPS – Uninterruptible Power Systems – and back-up generators) and the need for the consistent supply of clean fuel to back-up generators. We know that the majority of generator ‘fail to start’ or ‘shutdown’ issues are related to inconsistent clean fuel supply to the prime mover. The best way to save money and downtime is an annual check on your fuel tanks, pumps and filters by our registered OFTEC engineers. We also take fuel samples to check your fuel against the ISO 4406 cleanliness code. This will evaluate the risk of the filters becoming blocked during an engine run.  If there’s a risk, we can clean your fuel.

Contact our CATS team to initiate these checks safely and efficiently with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

The CATS team doesn’t stop at PPM. Our experts are at the other end of the phone for all compliance and technical queries. They ensure that your fuelling installation functions as you need – when you want. In addition, they liaise with all FSS departments so your experience is thorough and efficient.

Got an emergency? They can arrange an emergency call out to get you back to work in the minimum of time.


Our Operations team is at the heart of our business.

They work with you to ensure that our engineers’ arrival on site runs smoothly, right down to timing and accessibility. They will liaise with your site personnel to arrange access, provide documentation and make sure that all H&S is covered. The team also ensure that services and products arrive at the correct time. Every detail is taken care of, resulting in the seamless delivery of your job.

Our engineers are not the only thing Operations looks after. They carry out route planning to ensure the minimal environmental impact of our vehicles on the road. Essentially, Operations takes care of the finer details, so you don’t have to.


Our onsite Engineering teams travel up and down the UK and Ireland fulfilling our clients’ fuel storage needs. Our experienced, highly trained engineers deal with all fuel storage-related activities. By choosing FSS qualified specialists, you will benefit from years of combined expertise in solving industry-relevant challenges. We are there for you, taking the necessary action to ensure your fuel storage installations are well-maintained and reliable.

Working with our engineers is easy and requires minimal invested time from you. Your job is managed by a CATS or Project team member. This initial point of contact, along with Operations, ensures that your engineer arrives on-site, equipped with the correct information, and ready to get to work. Our colleagues are highly trained in health and safety regulations, reporting, and how to liaise with your team and their CATS or Project counterparts. It’s all in a day’s work for the FSS engineering team. Our bespoke reporting app allows us to deliver your site report in minutes, rather than days.


For specialist projects that require detailed quotations, technical drawings, systems and designs, you can rely on the expertise of our Project team.

We understand that many projects start with a client concept that needs to be refined into a workable, cost-effective plan. We have decades of combined experience in realising such complex projects from our office and on-site. If you need a team that can carry out planning, design, surveying, and buying (and everything else in between) we can help.

We always offer the best solution based on your initial ideas and needs.  That isn’t always the most expensive option! Our knowledgeable team understands the art of collaboration and offer honest, innovative ideas to get your project off the ground in a safe and environmentally considerate way. We also aim to help you to save money whilst meeting legal requirements.

The Projects team can give you options from a basic solution through to gold standard.

Purchasing and Finance
Purchasing and Finance team

Purchasing and Finance

Our Purchasing department is responsible for the supply of parts and services for your job in a cost-effective, timely manner. Our team streamline your experience by collaborating with the CATS, Projects and Operations departments, along with suppliers and subcontractors if needed. For example, our Purchasing team will ensure deliveries are coordinated with our engineers, avoiding hold-ups that could slow your project down. They also handle subcontractor accreditations, giving peace of mind that everyone working on site is qualified to the required standards. Our Purchasing team does everything from issuing purchase orders promptly to managing the stock in our warehouse.

Feel exhausted just reading this? Our purchasers are 100% committed to helping our team show up on time with all the necessary tools, equipment and qualifications to complete your fuel project efficiently.

Our Finance team is responsible for everything finance-related, but most importantly for our clients, they are the team that keeps on top of invoicing. We will ensure the job’s finances are dealt with efficiently, liaising closely with our CATS and Purchasing teams. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the link below.

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