It’s the Great North Run this Sunday September 10th

Published 5th September 2023

Katharine and 2 friends are making final preparations for their annual appearance at The Great North Run. This is the highlight of their fundraising year when they go all out to raise money for Chrohn’s and Colitis UK.

It’s become tradition to run with the funding buckets whilst wearing an impossibly large, bulky and colourful costume that almost certainly impedes their running power and speed! Last year the team were cats and before that bright pink pigs; maximum visibility!

This year’s costume is a closely guarded secret but will no doubt make an impact!

Katharine says “This is my chosen charity because of the awful times I have seen my lovely brother and his family go through. I’ve also watched one of my best friends see her mum crippled by Crohn’s and shared their pain and worry.

Watching the people you love hurt and being unable to do anything is excruciating. This is why I’m hoping people will donate a little bit of their hard earned cash to a very worthy cause”.

Fuel Storage Solutions sponsors Katharine  at the GNR and we wish the team lots of luck. If you would like to donate to the fundraising efforts please follow the link to the Just Giving Page