Fuel tank & piping: supply, installation & servicing

Fuel tanks & piping for Oil, Diesel & Petrol

The core business of FSS is fuel storage tanks. We have a combined experience of more than 30 years of working on retail forecourts and in the fuel industry & offer highly professional services for the installation & servicing of your businesses fuel tanks.

Tank / Pipework, Supply & Installation


  • tickSupply & Installation of Steel Tanks
  • tickSupply & Installation of Plastic Tanks
  • tickIntegrally-bunded pipework (Pipe in pipe)
  • tickInstalled by one of our approved team of professionals

Tank Supply

We supply bespoke tanks in pretty much any dimensions, for above or underground use.  These bespoke tanks are constructed in steel to your specifications (with our expert guidance of course!) and meet all regulatory requirements.

Where smaller tanks are required, we supply plastic, integrally-bunded tanks designed to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

Pipework Installation

We supply integrally-bunded (pipe-in-pipe), plastic or steel pipe-work that meets all UK legislative requirements.  This pipework will be installed by our manufacturer approved team of pipework engineers.

Plastic Tanks

For tanks under 10,000 litres the use of plastic tanks is another option. The plastic tanks we supply are integrally bunded and can have top or bottom outlets. The main features of these tanks are manhole access, overfill protection probe, inspection point, electronic contents gauge, fill point, bund warning alarm and a bund warning alarm sensor.

Alternatively we are able to supply  tanks as bunded fuel stations. The benefit of these is that they include a delivery hose with an automatic nozzle. They are available with 12v, 24v, 110v and 240v pumps and have an electronic gauge, bund alarm, 10 micron filter and failsafe overfill prevention probe. Other accessories may be available at an extra cost so its always worth asking if you have a particular requirement for your tank.