Eco Initiatives – doing our ‘bit’ for the environment

Published 10th June 2024

As a company grounded on environmental regulation, specifically the protection of groundwater from pollution, we are acutely aware of the impact we, and our activities, have on the planet.

Obviously, in order to be competitive in such difficult economic times we have to act commercially, however, did you know that we have several environmental initiatives ongoing which assist us in counteracting the impact @Fuel Storage Solutions has on the environment?

Starting simply we do the standard things such as buy electric vehicles where possible, turn off lights, avoid printing off doc sunless absolutely necessary, recycle any waste we can in the office etc.

But we enhance all this with the products and services we offer.  The fuel polishing systems we provide mean that thousands of litres of fuel that would otherwise be useless can be recycled and rejuvenated so they can be brought back into use. We also recycle any metal waste that we create.  Even the OFTEC regs that mean we maintain tanks in good condition reduces the risk of pollution from leakages.

A little snapshot of an ongoing programme that we look forward to sharing with you in due course.