Storing Liquid Fuel on your Premises?

Published 21st August 2023

The UK Government’s Oil Storage Regulations for Business state:

“You must follow the rules on storing oil if you have an oil storage container with a capacity of 201 litres or more. You could be fined or prosecuted if you do not follow the requirements in this guide. The Environment Agency can also serve an anti-pollution works notice to make you bring your oil store up to legal standards”.

Where do you turn to for advice? Our CATS team is on hand to advise you on all matters relating to the safe storage of fuel on your site.

Compliance and Technical (CATS) team

At Fuel Storage Solutions (FSS) we have a dedicated Compliance and Technical (CATS) team ready to assist with any of the following:

  • Compliance concerns or questions.
  • Oil Storage Regulations
  • Pollution control measures
  • Safety checks
  • Annual oil tank inspections
  • Spill response
  • Emergency call outs

Call our CATS team on 01274 813003.

CATS team photo (left to right): Jodie, Tim, Kay and Darren (un-pictured)

Our Fuel Services

Fuel Storage Solutions is an OFTEC Registered, award-winning business, offering UK wide coverage for the supply, installation and maintenance of complete fuel storage solutions.

As a company, we are dedicated to the safe storage and use of liquid fuel. Whether it’s petrol, diesel, all types of oil (including bio fuels), waste oil or LPG, we ensure that the product is stored and maintained safely and in line with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Our objective is to keep you compliant at all times and can help you with all of the following:


We carry out annual inspections required by OFTEC to ensure you meet all legal requirements for fuel and chemical use and storage.

As specialists in this complex area we provide you with a full reporting system via our bespoke App.

We log all inspections and e mail you reports with on-site photos.


We know the ins and outs of pressure testing underground tanks and pipework to ensure complete system integrity.


Interceptors require regular inspections; we advise cleaning and maintenance by our engineering teams every 6 months. The chamber should be jetted out every 5 years and inspected internally for damage to comply with the regulations.


Annual maintenance is essential to ensure transfer and dispensing pumps do not leak, deliver the correct volume of fuel and work in the best possible way.


Every site storing fuel or chemicals must have an onsite specific emergency response plan to cover everything from what is stored on site, right through to where emergency services should park in the event of an incident.

FSS conducts full site surveys and devises a plan for each site ensuring legal requirements are fully met. We also provide a 24/7 Emergency call out spill response.

Specialist Fuel Services


The Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres regulations 2002 requires employers to control the risks to safety from fire, explosions and substances corrosive to metals.

Our specialist DSEAR Team makes sure you meet all your legal requirements by carrying out a site-specific assessment.


To keep your fuel clean our in-house team designs, develops, manufactures and installs the most effective fuel polishing units available in the UK. They produce high flow level to disturb sediment at the bottom of the tanks and filtrations systems to capture even the finest particles. These operate as mobile rigs that can come to you site or we can install a bespoke unit for your tank.

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Fuel Storage Solutions Limited is a private family-owned and managed business. Co-Directors Jonathan and Katharine Barnett launched FSS in 2002. Today we are one of the UK’s leading and most well-respected fuel system solutions providers, employing 40 people nationwide.

We service a wide range of market sectors including leading Facilities Management Companies.

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If we can help you with any service related to the use and storage of fuel call our specialist CATS team on 01274 813003.

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