As an OFTEC Registered Business we are Accredited to carry out Annual Inspections

Published 13th July 2023

Fuel Storage Solutions is an award-winning OFTEC registered provider of complete commercial and industrial fuel storage solutions.

OFTEC registration is a requirement in our industry for our company and individual engineers who work for us. Our latest Blog will tell you what you need to know about compliance with OFTEC regulations including:

  • Oil Storage Regulations
  • Avoiding breaches of Regulation 9
  • Best Practice vs Minimum Regulations required by EA and DEFRA
  • Annual inspections of Bulk Storage fuel tanks – what needs to be included
  • Our competences in OFTEC inspections

And, how we helped a National High Street Bank avoid the potentially disastrous consequences of previous cost and corner cutting by an inadequate inspection company.

Have you got OFTEC inspections in hand or is it something we can arrange for you? Please call our CATS (Compliance and Technical Sales) team to discuss any requirements you have on 01274 813003.

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