Are your tanks ready for winter?

Published 5th December 2023

The cold and snow has hit us all very suddenly this winter. Don’t be caught out when the transportation of fuel across your sites is vital.

As an OFTEC registered business we carry out all checks and remedial actions to keep your tanks and associated pipework up and running 24/7:

*CHECK all bulk tanks for accumulated water and sludge in the bottom

*REMOVE immediately anything that is found other than good fuel

*TAKE a fuel sample from the top and bottom of each tank

*ENSURE the samples are lab analysed to identify any specific problems

*POLISH or FILTER the fuel where necessary to get rid of any suspended water or contaminants

*TREAT the tank with a winter fuel additive, which needs to be fully circulated in the tank

We can advise on best practice for keeping your tanks in tip top condition this winter. The colder it gets, the thicker and more difficult the oil will be to pump or use. Generators themselves will typically be in a pre-heated room, but if you need fuel from an external bulk tank, you may not be able to get it!

Our CATS team is on hand to advise and book a winter tank assessment – call us on 01274 813003.