Teaching work ethics to the next generation!

So, a snow day to an 11 year old (she’s in year 6) is manna from Heaven!  However, when you live in the middle of nowhere and there are no other kids for miles around it gets a little bit boring!

My youngest daughter had a snow day today.  She was bored!  She has also been pestering me like mad for new clothes.  The answer….?  Take her to work and apply her.

So far she has …

  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Emptied the dishwasher
  • Created (with my supervision) an employee handbook for our next new starter
  • Made us all (7 in total) 3 x coffees
  • Alphabetised over 100 files ready for our move to the new office …. AND …
  • Put together the uniform allocation for our new recruit

She’s now exhausted and is ready to go sledging (her sister just got back from school).

The team in the office have given her tasks and instructions (thanks Karen for helping her).  She has followed these instructions and learned to ask if she wasn’t sure.  Her ability to communicate politely and concisely with adults was something to behold.  She was more confident and insightful in her questions than a lot of adults that I have met.

I sincerely hope that today is a little lesson for her to take into her future i.e. nothing is free, it takes a work to have nice things, people skills are important and hard work pays off (to name only a few).  She may not have been able to get into school today but she has definitely learnt something!

I know this may sound like slave labour but she has done it all with a smile and a skip in her step.  She has also (as a 1st World child!) realised the value of money and what it takes to earn it!

I’m a proud mum today and yes,  I will be making a trip to the shops!!

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