Legal Requirements and Services Offered

Direct quote from PPG 3: Use and design of oil separators in surface water drainage systems

 Where are separators needed?

Surface water may be contaminated by oil at a number of different sites.

These sites need to have measures in place to prevent this oil from polluting the environment. These sites include:

  • Car parks typically larger than 800m2
  • In areas for 50 or more car parking spaces
  • Smaller car parks discharging to a sensitive environment
  • Areas where goods vehicles are parked or manoeuvred
  • Vehicle maintenance areas
  • Roads
  • Industrial sites where oil is stored or used
  • Refuelling facilities
  • Any other site with a risk of oil contamination.

Every six months, or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, experienced personnel should:

  • Physically inspect the integrity of the separator and all mechanical parts
  •  Assess the depth of accumulated oil and silt
  • Service all electrical equipment such as alarms and separator management systems
  • Check the condition of any coalescing device and replace it if necessary

Every five years it is recommended that separators be emptied and given a general inspection to test the integrity and performance of the system. The separator must be refilled with clean water following such an inspection.

Some heavily used or high-risk sites might require more frequent inspections.”