Environmental Services

Whilst FSS performs all of its commercial activities with the environment in mind, we also offer specific environmental services. These are as follows and are all conducted by a Chartered Environmental Surveyor (MRICS):

Stage I and II Environmental Risk Assessments

We undertake environmental risk assessments in many areas including remediation schemes and validation programmes, specialising in bioremediation projects across the UK. Throughout the process we liaise with clients, other contractors and Regulatory Authorities to ensure everyone is kept informed.

Environmental Audits

Environmental audits incorporate a site visit where all current environmental policies and practises are evaluated to identify the best options. We also investigate climate change levy applications and help companies apply for grants.

Site Investigation Work

This is undertaken through site-specific design and field work, including soil sample collection (in the form of window sampling); rotary drilling; cable percussion drilling; trail pitting; groundwater monitoring; and hazardous ground gas sampling and report writing.

Fuel Tank Environmental Risk Assessments

Fuel tank environmental risk assessments are based on the recent Groundwater Protection Code legislative requirements. They aim to provide a complete service thereafter to investigate potentially contaminated soils and groundwater in order to enable us to offer remedial solutions should contamination be encountered.

Guidance Criteria for Soils and Groundwater

Quantitative Risk Assessment (“QRA”) modelling