KPS Piping

Polyethylene Based Bunded Pipework

KPS Piping

Your pipework is extremely important. At Fuel Storage Solutions we only use integrally bunded pipework manufactured by KPS. This is a polyethylene based, “pipe in a pipe” construct which uses fusion welding and long stretches of pipe where possible to avoid jointing which could lead to leakage. Our workforce are qualified installers of KPS integrally bunded products and have been for over 7 years.

We are one of only 4 companies approved to install KPS in the UK

Features of KPS Piping

  • LPG pipe is made of high density polyethylene or HDPE
  • Corrosion-free
  • Three layers joined by chemical, molecular bonding
  • No adhesive agent used so layers guaranteed inseparable
  • Integrally bunded
  • Fusion welded joints to prevent leakage and avoid mechanical joints
  • 100 metre pipe runs to minimise joints
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • Efficient permeation barrier preventing hydrocarbons from diffusing through pipe wall which ensures that the oil is stored and transported as safely as possible
  • Can incorporate a line leak detection system
  • 50-year life expectancy and 30 year product guarantee
  • In 2005 KPS was the first company ever to receive the EN 14125 approval

Installing at sites in the UK, for:

  • Environment Agency
  • Leeds General Infirmary (single 1.5km line)
  • RAC
  • JCB
  • Rolls Royce Engineering
  • RAF
  • Aspire Defence
  • GCHQ
  • Aviva
  • Cummins
  • Lloyds Banking Group

Manadtory regulations about your piping

Oil tanks and pipework, whether stored above or below ground, require regular maintenance. These requirements are legally binding. DEFRA: “Guidance note for the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001” states:

“Inspections for leaks and of leak detection devices should be carried out annually and by a qualified person…  A more detailed annual check by a trained operator, e.g. in the OFTEC registered scheme, is also recommended to ensure there is no corrosion, mechanical damage or oil leaks”

Leak Detection

Preventing leaks in your system is essential. Our products can help with this:

  • Monitor the entire pipeline with either a pressure or vacuum system
  • Leak detection alarms available, providing immediate notification of leakage
  • Allows pressure to vent if it becomes too high
  • Automatically re-primes the line if small amounts of pressure are lost.
  • Alarm only triggers when a pressure drop of over 200 millibars is detected
  • Alarm system can be linked into a solenoid or actuated valve shutting off the fuel supply as soon as a problem is detected

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