Introducing the “Fuel Storage Solutions Schools Rugby Cup”

Fuel Storage Solutions School Rugby Cup

FSS – Investing in Young People

We all know that investing in staff is the way to retain and improve your business.  Well, what about investing in the staff of your future?  At Fuel Storage Solutions we are constantly striving to improve.  The next obvious step was to invest in our future, the young people who are currently in education but who will be the employees of tomorrow. 

Everyday schooling gives our young people education in many areas but often, teaching them the “softer” skills, is limited due to restrictions on resources.  These skills are the ones that instill respect and responsibility, empathy, drive and determination amongst many others.  They reinforce a positive attitude and curb the newsworthy “sense of entitlement” culture that seems prevalent in today’s culture. It is regularly said that you should recruit on attitude, skill can be learnt but attitude can’t, it’s inbuilt.

Community and Development

In support of this Company ethos, I am delighted to reveal that, as part of our continued investment in the local community and development of people, we have sponsored The Bradford Bulls Foundation.  We are now officially the named sponsor for their secondary school rugby competition.  This will be entitled the “Fuel Storage Solutions Schools Cup”.

About the Bradford Bulls Foundation

The Bradford Bulls Foundation is the chosen charity of the rugby team Bradford Bulls.  It has a longstanding relationship with schools, working together to encourage the key parts of the Foundation’s Vision and Mission.   It is an inclusive organisation aiming to encourage and support people and help them to achieve their full potential.

The following Vision and Mission is what guides the actions of the Foundation.  This fits perfectly with the values of Fuel Storage Solutions .


 To provide positive activities and experiences to adults, children and young people, regardless of gender, religious belief, cultural heritage or abilities. The Foundation uses the power of sport to educate, motivate and inspire the local community.”


“We ignite enthusiasm and passion to replace low self-esteem, limited ambitions, anti-social behaviour and exclusion with positive lifestyles, healthy nutrition, education and caring about others. We foster confidence, self-expression and heightened horizons in innovative exciting ways. In order to be a successful instrument of change we ensure we involve our community in our decision-making processes and activities. We are fully committed to helping communities be more than they thought they could be.”


About the Fuel Storage Solutions School Rugby Cup

The competition is to be held on a weekly basis at different schools across the region. The Bradford Bulls Foundation go into these schools and, basically, get them playing rugby. It has been proven that sport is incredibly important for fitness but also instills a sense of teamwork, and many other positive “soft” skills that are transferrable into the work place and life in general. We are very proud and excited at the prospect of contributing to such a positive scheme.

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