Fuel Spill Kits & Training

In conjunction with our tank surveying and installation works we provide spill kits, we can also conduct spill training for your on site engineers and visit site to conduct an onsite risk assessment.


Our in-house,  Maritime and Coastguard Agency 4p On Scene Commander (MCA4p) will attend site and conduct a practical, hands-on, training session with your personnel.

The training session will cover the following:

  • First steps upon discovering an oil leak
  • Establishing a perimeter
  • Cleaning up the oil
  • Safely storing of waste
  • Notifying relevant authorities
  • Characteristics of oil

These training sessions can also be extended to include risk assessment and evaluation of environmental impact.

Up to 8 people can be instructed in a single session.

Trainees then spend approx 1-2 hours outside, using actual spill materials, on a simulated leak.  To pass they must demonstrate the clean up procedure they have learnt.

By attending these sessions, staff are able to apply the theory they have learnt in the classroom and get a hands on idea of how to use each and every piece of equipment in an oil spill kit.

Training sessions are priced to include all spill pads and absorbent materials used.

Spill Kits:

As well as providing training we can offer spill kits. The kits vary from a small shoulder bag to absorb up to 40lts to large wheelie bin kit that can absorb 4,000lts.

24 hour Spill Response


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