FSS specialises in the design, supply, removal and installation of fuel storage systems.

The company is committed to preventing pollution and delivering a safer, cleaner, healthier environment; minimising the impact of all its activities on the environment in pursuit of sustainable development.

Environmental ServicesIn order to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the environment, it has initiated steps towards formalising its environmental management system with a view to accreditation to BS EN ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management Systems”. Whilst satisfying one of the company’s main aims – to offer our customers the safe storage and use of liquid fuels – FSS seeks to achieve the following through continuous assessment and reviews:

  • Meet, and where practical, exceed the requirements and obligations of environmental legislation, and those standards and guidelines to which the company subscribes.
  • Ensure that we react accordingly to any changes in the law.
  • Update our policy regularly and accordingly and check that we are complying with the procedures that we have adopted.
  • Prevent or reduce, as far as possible through best practise, pollution and waste as a result of its activities.
  • Improve waste management and recycling whilst being aware of the impact of the energy required in recycling the product.
  • Minimise the transport of materials to and from sites.
  • Promote wherever possible the paperless office particularly with regard to the printing of lengthy manuals.
  • Promote environmental care throughout FSS through training, information, communication and working conditions.
  • Set objectives for improving environmental performance.

By working with responsible suppliers and clients, and wherever possible working in collaboration with both their suppliers and clients, FSS will expect that they use the best available technology to minimise the harmful effects of:

  • Noise pollution.
  • Discharge of pollutants into either the atmosphere or water.

In relation to our clients we would like to understand where our products are being utilised and therefore seek the most efficient application of these products.

Our policy will be audited and reviewed annually and we will gladly receive any practical suggestions about ways in which the company can improve its performance. As the size and nature of the business changes this policy will be reviewed to take account of those changes.

Our policy is communicated to our staff through training, and is available to our clients, suppliers and the public on request.