Culture of a Business – Is it important?

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody” – Robby Novak

Today I saw the above quote on a popular social media platform.  It started me thinking, this is what we aim to do at Fuel Storage Solutions, but is the Culture of a business important to its success?

In a world of Corporate approaches and “Big business” the “softer” side of business is sometimes forgotten .  This is not just about reducing environmental impact; making sure there’s a 0% RIDDOR report; or other things that make a Company look good to competitors, the market in general or to customers.  It’s about the things that make us what we are as an organisation, and how that influences the experience of those around us every day.  There are plenty of “memes” out there about how employees should be treated but do companies actually do what they suggest?  Does that approach extend that beyond the business’s 4 walls?  Does the behaviour of those in the company enhance the experience of those that others encounter on a one-off basis?

What About When the Company Grows?

Over the last 17 years, FSS has grown but at no point have we lost what Jonathan and I set out to create.  We may have had pitfalls and failed on occasion but that only encouraged us to improve and take action. We have always wanted FSS to be “Somewhere people wanted to work”.  To us, this meant that the Company was one that people were proud to be associated with.  At first this just related to employees but, because a certain kind of behaviour was encouraged and demonstrated, the results stretched beyond employees and impacted on Customers, the Public and everyone whose paths crossed those of FSS.

What happens when you grow though?  Can you sustain this approach?  The honest answer is that you can but it’s hard to do and needs an investment of time.  To reinforce this for the future of FSS we decided to formalise what we have always striven to be.  We wrote our “Vision, Mission and Culture”.  We worked with employees to get their views and created a formal document so that, no matter how big FSS gets, everyone remembers what we want to be.  This is not really anything new to FSS.  Employees emulate the Culture as a matter of course, it’s just “How we do things”.  Everyone works as a team to be the best in all areas and to after each other.  No-one is just a number.  The consequence is that our whole business radiates the core principles of integrity, quality, inclusivity and empowerment.

The Answer to the Question

So the answer to the question “Is the Culture of a Business Important?” is, Yes.  To FSS, Culture is paramount because it means acting authentically and according to principles. It may not be something that automatically leads to multi-million pound turnover or profit, but it means that employees can work in a safe and secure environment and that speaks volumes.

With FSS you can guarantee Quality, Integrity, Respect and Excellent Service.

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