Bunded Stainless Steel Compression Pipework

New Pipework Innovation

Bunded Stainless Steel Compression  Pipework



Traditionally the only way to get a steel pipe in pipe was to fabricate on site using black iron pipes. Our pressed solution brings a modern alternative. Advantages over welded steel:

  • Greatly reduced cost (typically less than 50% of steel)
  • No gases, vapour and very little noise during assembly
  • Can be monitored from start to finish on both inner and outer pipe for leaks, alarming to BMS instantly in the event of a leak
  • Futureproof, any future changes to the lines can be done easily and without hot works
  • Stainless steel so corrosion proof
  • Stainless also means can pump aggressive / corrosive liquids or gases
  • 10 year, manufacturer backed, parts and labour warranty from FSS on inner and outer pipe

10 year warranty on inner and outer pipe (exclusive to FSS)

Pipe features include:

  • Pressing indicator
  • Mechanical strength: pressures exceeding 2.5MBpa can be achieved
  • Perfectly smooth surface
  • Thermally perfect weld seam

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